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When you call Geofreeze, we will request as much information as you can provide describing the symptoms of your problem. This information will be provided to the structural engineer who will visit your home so that he will be prepared to assess your situation.

What is Geofreeze’s process?

  • An experienced structural engineer will be scheduled to visit your home to do an inspection and assess the problem and then provide a written document (an engineer’s report or a proposal for remediation, whichever you prefer.) There is a modest charge for this professional service, which will be credited to you if Geofreeze subsequently performs the construction on the property for you.
  • The representative who takes your call will:
    • explain the fee structure and assessment procedure
    • gather information about the structure of your home and the problem you are experiencing
    • explain the difference between an engineer’s report and a proposal for remediation
    • answer your questions
    • schedule an appointment, and
    • mail you an appointment confirmation.
  • Approximately three weeks after the assessment by the structural engineer you will receive the written report or proposal. If , however, you have an emergency or time-critical situation, Geofreeze will respond promptly and work with you to address your needs.

What information will Geofreeze request? Typical questions we will ask you include:

  1. What condition(s) prompted you to call Geofreeze?
  2. What style is the home (i.e. townhouse, split-foyer single family, two-story colonial, one-story ranch, etc.)
  3. Is the home constructed above a basement? A crawl-space? Or an earth-supported concrete floor at the ground surface?
  4. How old is the home?
  5. How long have you lived in the home?
  6. Where in the house do you observe the symptoms?
  7. Can you describe the symptoms?
  8. Have the symptoms occurred gradually or did they appear to occur relatively suddenly?
  9. Have you previously attempted to correct the problem?
  10. If repairs have been attempted, did you do them yourself or retain and engineer or contractor to assist with the work.

Note: For ideas on how to recognize and describe symptoms of distress in your home, visit the section of this website Symptoms and Solutions.

Additionally, we will ask for other pertinent information about the property such as:

  • The location of the property?
  • Your address if different from the property involved?
  • Are you the owner? Potential buyer?
  • How to reach you – phone numbers, fax, email address?

The more information you can provide and the more specific you can be, the more effectively Geofreeze can assist you.

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