Geofreeze Engineered Construction
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Diagonal Cracking of Walls




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Settlement is usually caused by one of more of the following conditions:

  • Long term consolidation of compressible clay under the foundation.
  • Weaker, more compressible soil beneath a portion of the foundation. Frequently uncompacted fill.
  • Increased pressure on a portion of the foundation possibly from the weight of a new addition.
  • Periodic volume changes in some clay soils because of changes in their water content.



Solution: Underpinning


The preferred solution for settlement is to deepen, or underpin the settling foundation down to a depth below the zone causing the problem. The choice of underpinning system depends on the specific conditions of the property.

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Note: "Active" underpinning can be loaded to relevel the home. "Passive" underpinning prevents further settlement but cannot relevel a home.

Depending on conditions, costs typically run $400 - $500 per linear foot of foundation underpinning.


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