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Fairfax Structural Engineering

Geofreeze Commercial Ground, Soil and Excavation workCost-Effective Solutions from a Fairfax Structural Engineering Firm

Geofreeze is a structural engineering firm serving Fairfax that is highly acclaimed and dedicated to cost-effective and permanent repairs to your structural and foundation problems. With over 30 years in this industry, our company has narrowed our solutions down to those that work and are the most effective for our customers.

The engineers and employees we employ are educated and experienced individuals, with a dedication to quality work. Fairfax structural and foundation repair requires attention to detail. We will make sure that we not only repair your existing issues, but also do everything we can to prevent future damage from occurring.

Solution and Repair Services

Home and commercial building repairs have been tackled by our company on countless occasions, giving us the hands-on, professional experience necessary to complete any Fairfax structural foundation repair. We offer the following services to meet your structural foundation repair needs:

  • Residential Foundation underpinning, basement wall reinforcement, concrete floor re-leveling, crawl space to basement conversion, retaining walls, structural renovation, and more.

  • Commercial Ground support for tunnels, excavations and shafts, ground and storm water control, soil and rock stabilization, sedimentation, and erosion control, retaining wall construction and foundation waterproofing.

  • Marine Seawalls, revetments/shoreline protection, longshore erosion control jettys, piers and docks, and recreational boat moorings.

    Geofreeze uses the most advanced technological solutions to repair your structural and foundation problems in Fairfax. If you are in need of a Fairfax structural engineering and repair firm, contact us today. Our representatives are ready to discuss how we can help repair your structural and foundation problems.

    Geofreeze Commercial Ground, Soil and Excavation workGeofreeze provides services for public and private clients for projects typically valued at less than $ 1,000,000 U.S.

    Areas Served: Alexandria | Arlington | Washington DC | Fairfax

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