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Fairfax Foundation Repair

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Looking for the Right Fairfax Foundation Repair Company

Did you just start to notice cracks in your walls? How about cracks in the flooring or in the basement? The cause of these strange issues is more complicated than you might think. What lies beneath the floors of your home is the unsettled earth. Shifting soil can cause severe problems, requiring Fairfax home foundation repairs. Cracks are never “normal” and should be attended to. However, your home should not be seen by just anyone. You need to seek out the most qualified engineers at a competent, experienced foundation repair company.


Geofreeze is a structural engineering and foundation repair company serving the Fairfax area. We are dedicated to resolving structural foundation problems with ease. Cost-effectiveness is a key priority in our assessment. We intend to find the root problem and resolve it permanently, but will not seek out additional issues irrelevant to the foundation problems. A professional evaluation by a qualified engineer will be provided to you with a cost estimate up front. If you think you may have a foundation problem, contact us immediately!

The Fix

Once our engineers have identified the problem and presented you with solutions, we can begin working on keeping your home or business safe. Walls and floors can easily become less stable if the foundation is not firm. Settled ground underneath your home can lead to bowing of floors and framing. Frequently, the problem lies outside your actual home, requiring re-grading of the soil. Issues stemming from ground water can also be attended to by the right Fairfax foundation repair company. Soil and water weigh a lot, especially when increased amounts are piled up on the side of a home. By correcting these issues, wall and floor cracks and bows will no longer be an issue.

We also repair the damage already done to walls and basement flooring, ensuring your Fairfax home foundation and structural repair is complete. Contact us today and let us assess your home structural repair needs.

Geofreeze can help you if:

  • You have cracks in your walls or ceilings
  • You have settled walls or floor areas
  • You wish to deepen a basement or convert a crawl space into a basement
  • You wish to repair or construct a retaining wall
  • You need to re-grade your property or add drainage improvements to improve storm water management
  • You wish to reinforce or alter the structural support of your home.

Geofreeze does not:

  • Offer basement waterproofing except in association with structural repairs
  • Offer remodeling services
  • Offer hardscaping or landscaping services except in association with structural repairs.

Areas Served: Alexandria | Arlington | Washington DC | Fairfax

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