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Arlington Structural Engineering

Geofreeze Commercial Ground, Soil and Excavation workThe Top Structural Engineering Firm

Homes and businesses in Virginia and the surrounding communities have been protected by Geofreeze for over 30 years. We offer full service technical solutions to your structural foundation repair problems in the Arlington area. From the introductory assessment report to the clean-up process after construction, our qualified technicians offer cost-effective support for your foundation needs.


Foundation problems start small with cracks in the walls or settled flooring. Most of these issues tend to occur because of underlying soil problems. Settling of the ground below can cause the foundation of your home or business to lose integrity, and this creates the possibility of failure of the flooring or a wall. Our educated structural foundation repair staff will restore your Arlington home or business to pristine condition.

Geofreeze is not just a construction company, but rather a highly qualified Arlington structural engineering and construction firm. We specialize in structural foundation repair of homes and businesses, ensuring that the cracks you see will not only be repaired, but the cause for the cracks will be resolved as well. We are dedicated to fixing the problem permanently.


Once you call our Arlington structural engineering and construction firm, we will ask you a series of questions regarding the symptoms that you have experienced. We will schedule a time for one of our experienced engineers to come to your home or business to complete an evaluation of the damage. Our engineer will have received all the information you provided during your initial phone call so that he/she will be prepared.

Once the evaluation is complete, we will supply you with an engineering report including a cost estimate or a priced proposal for the structural foundation repairs to be completed. Call Geofreeze today and find out how your Arlington home or business can be secured for years to come.

  • Excavation and site work
  • Ground support for shafts, tunnels and other excavations
  • Ground and storm water control
  • Soil and rock stabilization
  • Sedementation and erosion control
  • Retaining walls and slope stabilization
  • Foundation construction, underpinning, and repair
  • Construction, releveling and repair of wall and floor systems
  • Foundation waterproofing

Geofreeze Commercial Ground, Soil and Excavation workGeofreeze provides services for public and private clients for projects typically valued at less than $ 1,000,000 U.S.

Areas Served: Alexandria | Arlington | Washington DC | Fairfax

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