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Alexandria Structural Engineering

Geofreeze Commercial Ground, Soil and Excavation workSolutions from an Alexandria Structural Engineering Firm

Looking for an Alexandria structural engineering firm? Search no further! Geofreeze has over 30 years of experience troubleshooting structural foundation issues that arise for both homeowners and commercial building owners alike. We understand that no two buildings are the same and neither are foundation repairs. With that in mind, Geofreeze has some of the most qualified and educated technicians in the area.

Initial Evaluation

Our Alexandria based structural engineers begin with an initial assessment of your issues. This assessment will identify the problem, including what symptoms are present. The evaluation also pinpoints the cause of your specific problem, offering a remedy specific to your case. The results of our evaluation will be provided to you in one of two ways: a professional engineer’s report with a cost estimate, or simply the engineer’s description of the problem and a proposal for the cost to correct the issues. Either way, at the completion of our evaluation you will have a clear understanding of what your options are.

Let the Work Begin

Alexandria structural foundation repairs are no easy task, and it will take time. While your problem may not be resolved in a few days, the time it takes to complete your repair means that the problem will be fixed permanently – not temporarily. Keep in mind that we are not a remodeling service. Our firm is dedicated to repairing structural problems that are caused by foundation settling, increased pressure, and other issues involving the structural support of your home.

Whether you need to reinforce an existing wall, would like to install a retaining wall, or would like to turn your crawl space into a basement, let Geofreeze help you with the structural foundation repair of your Alexandria home or business. Do not let mysterious cracks in the walls or floors go without being addressed, contact us for an evaluation today!

  • Excavation and site work
  • Ground support for shafts, tunnels and other excavations
  • Ground and storm water control
  • Soil and rock stabilization
  • Sedementation and erosion control
  • Retaining walls and slope stabilization
  • Foundation construction, underpinning, and repair
  • Construction, releveling and repair of wall and floor systems
  • Foundation waterproofing

Geofreeze Commercial Ground, Soil and Excavation workGeofreeze provides services for public and private clients for projects typically valued at less than $ 1,000,000 U.S.

Areas Served: Alexandria | Arlington | Washington DC | Fairfax

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