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Alexandria Foundation Repair

Alexandria Residential Services

Should You Call a Foundation and Structural Repair Company?

For homeowners, structural and foundation repair can be a frightening need to deal with. Fortunately, Geofreeze is an experienced and sought-after Alexandria based foundation repair company. We deal with many cases in which structural or foundation repair is an imminent need, as well as those that simply pose a future problem. Whatever the symptoms, let our specialists investigate your structural and foundation repair needs and assess the situation.

Common Foundation Problems

Cracks in the wall can be indicative of foundation settling or excess soil pressure against the walls. Weakening soil or weight changes in your building structure can contribute to advance settling, leading to the diagonal cracks you are now seeing in your walls. Horizontal or vertical cracks generally occur in the basement walls of houses, and are caused frequently by soil and water pressure from the outside. When the pressure becomes excessive, cracks can occur. This is when you know it is important to call our Alexandria based foundation repair company.

Another problem that can cause uneven settling of concrete floors is thin or defective concrete when the floor was first installed. Geofreeze offers several different technologies to re-level settled or uneven concrete floors without replacing the existing concrete.

Solutions That Work

Geofreeze is the perfect solution for your needs in these instances. We have been providing engineered structural and foundation repair services to homeowners for 35 years in the Virginia and Washington DC areas. We offer solutions to the above problems and many other Alexandria house foundation repair needs. With the varied construction types and home plans, it takes an experienced company to resolve the issues that arise.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your Alexandria structural and home foundation repairs. Our goal is to keep your home stable and safe for your family for years to come.

Geofreeze can help you if:

  • You have cracks in your walls or ceilings
  • You have settled walls or floor areas
  • You wish to deepen a basement or convert a crawl space into a basement
  • You wish to repair or construct a retaining wall
  • You need to re-grade your property or add drainage improvements to improve storm water management
  • You wish to reinforce or alter the structural support of your home.

Geofreeze does not:

  • Offer basement waterproofing except in association with structural repairs
  • Offer remodeling services
  • Offer hardscaping or landscaping services except in association with structural repairs.

Areas Served: Alexandria | Arlington | Washington DC | Fairfax

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